The Chiropractor is Part of My Health Team Now

I have heard people talking about pinched nerves in the past, but I never paid much attention to their conversations because it was just something I could not relate to. When I started experiencing pain in my right arm and shoulder, I had no idea that the cause of it was a pinched nerve. I had gone to a chiropractor in Corte Madera rather than my own primary care physician because they were able to see me the same day I called, which meant I did not have to wait the nine days that it would take to see my doctor.

I felt comfortable seeing a chiropractor, even though I had never been to one before in my entire life. The pain was something from my neck or shoulder, and the pain going down my arm was just referred pain, or at least that is what I felt it was. The chiropractor had some imaging tests done first, just to find out what the problems were. I also had a physical examination, which included testing my range of motion. (more…)

My Back Pain and Weight Issue Are History

I was not able to quickly lose my pregnancy weight when I had my third and final child. I thought that I was just going to have to buy a new wardrobe, but that turned out to be the least of my problems. I developed back pain like I had never experienced before. I knew that I had to do something because I had three children who depended on me. I looked online at websites for Vancouver chiropractors, and that is how I found Bridge Chiropractic. They were the ones who were able to help me when I just couldn’t take the pain anymore.

I called to schedule an appointment, not sure when they would be able to see me since I was a new patient. When they told me I could come in that same week, I was so relieved. My husband even stayed home from work that day so I could go on my own without lugging all three children with me. (more…)

Importance of Giving Award for your Employees

When your employees get the job done hard, they deserve to be acknowledged by awards or plaques. As an owner of the little business, I can attest that this straightforward motto is usually overlooked. Frequently times, employee recognition is the last believed about the minds of most employers. The truth is without having employees; your business will grind to a halt. Without having employees functioning difficult your business will fall behind. This is certainly why recognizing the most critical assets as part of your company are certainly not only crucial nevertheless it is completely vital.

The awards presentation is definitely a chance to inspire and motivate employees in the companies. The speaker ought to keep in mind that he is not simply presenting the award he’s also motivating the employees to strive to win the award upcoming year. In your company it’s important to present quarterly award plaques to present your appreciation for his or her tough function. You also must recognize competition between employees to earn the coveted Sales in the Year awards along with other yearly awards.

Award plaques can very easily be designed and purchased on the internet such customized engraving plaques and also name plaques. Therefore,

I Can’t Believe It Actually Works!

When a friend suggested I look into body sculpting in Singapore, I was a bit offended. What was wrong with me that she thought I needed to have my body sculpted? And what was body sculpting? It sounded sinister to me, like something that involved cutting away parts of your body with a scalpel. It sounded painful. She pointed out that it looked like I had some love handles to get rid of, and considering we were both wearing biking shorts at the time, I could hardly disagree. I had definitely put on more weight over the winter months.

Still, I didn’t understand what body sculpting was or how it worked. (more…)

Working out with an Alternate Light Source

I’ve always been a fan of weightlifting. From a very young age, my father got me into the sport. He took really great care of himself, and with the help of exercise and supplements, he was able to get his body into competition mode. One of the things he told me all the time was that he believed you should always use the right tool for the right job. I can remember the day he gave me my very first Blazeray tactical flashlight. He said that I should never let this flashlight out of my sight, because it would end up serving so many purposes.

One day, the lights in the gym went out. It was pitch black. My father could have just given up and gone home, but he hadn’t finished his workout routine for the day. He asked if I had my flashlight. Of course I did. (more…)

Why Clinical Research Is Important In Today’s Life

trClinical research is an important part in the healthcare industry. Many companies invest millions of dollars in the clinical research for developing new drugs. Initially, the company has to pay money to develop the drug and conduct trials before it can be put into the market for sale.

Most of the time, drugs get sold on the market after the trial has been completed, but there have been occasions, where the drugs may never be available to the patients. Clinical research is very expensive, therefore it needs to be carried out precisely, keeping all the details in mind.

This will ensure that the trials are conducted in an efficient manner. Efficient trials will save drug companies money because if the trial in inconclusive, they will have to pay for a second trial. Therefore, it is important that the results on conclusive in the first trial.

Companies choose to do clinical research in different nations because of several reasons. One of the most prominent reasons is the regulations of the countries in which they carry out their operations. Different countries have different regulations, which makes it

Who Can Take Part In Clinical Trials

kClinical trials have become very popular in the modern world because people have realized its importance and how they can help to eradicate illness. This is the reason why millions of people take part in clinical trials today.

Some people might take part because they have no other choice. The medicines that are already available to them might not be working, so they opt to take a medicine on a trial. In the clinical trials, they are tested with new medicines, which nobody has used or seen. These medicines are different from the ones they have used in the past. Though the main ingredient might be the same, there might have been some new added ingredients that they have developed for the trial. This new medicine might be just want is needed to save a patient’s life.

People take part in the clinical trials in a hope that these trials would help them be a better person health wise. The trials are carried out by the experienced researchers who constantly find new ways to make the medicines more effective.

Many times, they have had a

Joint Replacement Risks to Be Aware of

kjJoint replacement is a surgical option when the joint is damaged to such an extent that it hampers free movement and causes extreme pain. The decision to undergo such a surgery is difficult. There is a lot of apprehension around how it is done, what materials are used for the artificial joints, do many people undergo such a surgery and what are the after effects?

Well, to answer all these questions in short, joints that are irreversibly damaged require replacement. Replacing a damaged joint can help you move around and feel better. Damage to the joint could be due to arthritis, accidents, sports injuries and other such diseases that cause swelling and stiffness of the joints. The replaced joint is generally made up of plastic or metal or a combination of both. The new joints last nearly 10 – 15 years.

Now, looking at the risks, joint replacement surgery like any other surgery has its own risks. Here are the after effects that you need to be aware of. Remember that most of the after effects are treatable so, make sure that

Gift Ideas For Your Terminally Ill Loved One

loThis is something that no one likes to talk about. Terminal illness can be one of the most stressful and devastating things to watch a person go through. Perhaps it goes without saying that it is much worse for the person who is sick, and that generally necessitates that you be there for them. Most people want to offer some sort of gesture to show their concern and support, but they’re typically so overwhelmed that the most effort they’re willing to put in to buying a gift is a trip to the hospital gift shop. Understandably so. Most would naturally feel like they have more important things to be thinking about.

Of course, in spite of the fact that it seems trivial, a gift can truly be important to a sick or declining individual. We often times can become so entrenched in the more objective and medical side of things that we forget how important a patient’s feelings are to their recovery. The fact is that a person who doesn’t want to die is less likely to die than a person who

HACCP Certification Why Is It Important

haaIf you are a citizen of the USA, then recently you must be hearing about the HACCP certification a lot in the television, radio and so on and you must be wondering as to why you are being made aware of it. By this time we can bet that you must be craving to know why you should check this HACCP certification. Well we are going to talk to you regarding the same so that the next time you are buying something to eat you know that you have bought the correct thing.

How HACCP certification helps?

It helps in a number of ways and those are being listed as follows:

· Firstly, it helps you to know what kind of food you are buying and whether it is perfectly safe or not. Only when you see that the product has a certification of HACCP then only you can know that you are buying the right kind of product. Thus with this certification, shopping of food products becomes far easy than it formerly used to be. So no tension while choosing food products.

· It gives

Why Medical Waste Management Should Be At The Top Of Your Priority List

edThere is no doubt that medical care is vital for life, but the waste generated from medical activities represents a real problem for people and the world around us. If the waste generated in health care facilities is not handled properly, it causes a direct health impact on society, health care workers, and the environment.

Medical waste includes treated and untreated special waste from health care-related facilities that is comprised of animal waste, microbiological waste, pathological waste, animal blood, human blood, human body fluids, etc.

Every day a large amount of possibly infectious and hazardous waste is generated in the health care hospitals and facilities around the world. This requires specific treatment and management before being disposed of.

And when I say medical waste management requires particular attention, I mean required by law. Specific laws may be different across states and countries, but the basic understanding cannot be mistaken.

To properly dispose of waste, an entity must have a waste management license to ensure federal regulations are being adhered to. This requirement also ensures a waste disposal company is not participating in activities concerning waste disposal that have

Key Clinical Research Sites in South America

fgThere are many countries in South America that are growing in popularity as ideal areas for medical companies to conduct clinical trials. The reason for the increasing demand is due to a variety of factors, ranging from higher patient retention rates to the interesting disease profile of populations in the region.

South America also benefits from having vast populations, making them an exceptional source of patients that can be recruited to participate in trials. With these attractive benefits in mind, here are a few of the key clinical research sites in South America that pharmaceutical companies around the world are choosing to carry out their studies in.

Some of the major countries that are popular for clinical research trials are Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, all ideal due to their large and dense urban populations. Pharmaceutical companies choosing to outsource their clinical trials to sites in South America may choose either one of these countries or several of them in a multi-centred approach.

Up-and-coming countries that are proving in demand for clinical research trials are other Latin American nations Ecuador, Peru and Chile. These areas are of increasing

Learn a Critical Skill

sHow would you feel knowing you were able to help save someone’s life? At any time, and any place, whenever you are surrounded by other people, the chances of a medical emergency are always present. As a matter of fact, you, yourself, may face a medical emergency. Medical emergencies have a wide range and may include: minor abrasions, lacerations, burns, heart attacks, strokes or full cardiac arrest. While it is important to know how to recognize and care for these many medical emergencies, we will discuss the importance of knowing CPR to help save someone who has gone into cardiac arrest.

Cardiac arrest is basically the sudden loss of heart function, incompatible with life. The person’s heart is no longer working and it needs to be fixed immediately in order to save that person’s life. Part of the process of CPR is being able to recognize a medical emergency. With cardiac arrest, a person will be unresponsive with no pulse and not breathing. The moment a person goes into cardiac arrest, vital organs immediately start being deprived of oxygen and the waste products begin encapsulating

When To Call The Doctor For Common Ailments

efMany question whether or not to bother their family medicine practitioner when it comes to common issues like headaches, fever and similar. Sadly, most don’t want to be a bother or seem like they are calling for every little thing but it’s important to realize that anyone practicing family medicine is there for them and their family whenever they are concerned about their health. There should be no reason to shy away from at least giving them a call.

Here are some common ailments and how one should approach them; if they should call their family medicine professional or wait it out.


Fever in children is their little body’s common reaction to any type of infection in the body. The raised temperature makes the body inhospitable for any germs. The best thing to do is to give them over-the-counter medications to reduce fever and keep them comfortable.

In adults, fever is another story. This is because the family medicine specialist is able to ask them about aches and pains, and about their medical history. Those with immune system deficiencies should take fever as the sign of inflammation

Aneurysm Repair Technique

uhmThe human body is a network of veins, arteries, and capillaries moving blood to and from the heart. The blood transports oxygen from the lungs throughout the body. It also brings back carbon dioxide given off by the body’s cells back to the lungs in order for it to be expelled.

Over time, these pathways become damaged either by weakening, which allows bleeding within the body, or thickening, which causes clots. In some cases, the vessels can create a balloon-like bulge filled with blood, known as an aneurysm. In most cases, vascular surgery can correct the problem.

Unless treated, an aneurysm can rupture. This rupturing of the artery leads to bleeding and subsequently to hypovolemic shock. This can cause death. In some cases, aneurysms can also form a clot, restricting flow of blood to the area.

Vascular Surgery Procedure

When having vascular surgery to repair this defect, your doctor will give you an anesthetic to eliminate your pain during the procedure. While you are unconscious, he or she will then make an incision in the area where the arterial weakness is located.

Once the site is exposed, your physician

Buy Medical Gloves Wholesale for Medical Examination Needs

okWe all understand the fact how important it becomes for those involved in healthcare industry to wear gloves when a patient is being treated. These are the medical gloves and they are disposed of after they have been used by doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners. The main motive behind wearing these medical gloves while performing a surgery is to prevent the contamination between the patient and the doctor.

Disposable gloves are one of the most important supplies and they certainly play a crucial role keeping both doctor and patient away from infectious particles. If the gloves worn by the caregiver are not of a premium quality, his health can be seriously affected due to the contamination occurring because of patient’s blood. You should buy wholesale medical gloves so that they can be used by medical professionals as and when required.

The medical gloves act as a protection barrier that keeps both doctors and patients safe when a surgery is being performed. The physician’s or surgeon’s skin does not come into contact with the patient’s. There can be a possibility that doctors can pick up various

The Roles As a Caregiver for an Alzheimer’s Patient

dcThere are many challenges that come with caring for a person with Alzheimer’s disease. Some of these challenges are widely known because of their portrayal in mainstream movies and television, but there are many challenges that mainstream media seldom shows. It’s vital that any caregiver of an Alzheimer’s patient be aware of these often unexplored realities of the disease so that they will be better prepared for dealing with them when the time comes.

Being the Voice of Reason

The first thing that springs to many people’s minds when they think of Alzheimer’s is memory loss. While memory loss is a significant indicator of the disease, there are many other symptoms that accompany it, including difficulty focusing, frequent confusion, and delusions. Patients not only lose their ability to retain and make new memories: they also forget the most basic information that so many people take for granted, such as their names, their environments, the date, and their loved ones. This can cause them to become agitated and fearful.

A caregiver needs to respond quickly to the patient when they become upset, assure them that they are in

Living With Psoriasis

ryFor the average person who is unfamiliar with or does not suffer from psoriasis it is merely regarded as a skin disease. A mere inconvenience like the common cold some may think. For those that suffer from the disease, especially individuals who have moderate to severe conditions, it can be best summarized by a poster I once saw hanging in a booth at a Family Practitioners convention in Kansas City, Missouri back in the 1980’s. It read something to the effect that Psoriasis never killed anyone, but for many that live with it, it can be murder.

I first noticed the lesions on my scalp back in the early 1970’s when I was 15 years old. Longer hair was the fad back then, so it wasn’t as noticeable as it might have otherwise been, but to me I was always aware of its existence. It grew very thick and I was constantly picking at it, pulling out large clumps with hair attached until my scalp would bleed.

Eventually the lesions would spread to some of the more common areas such as the knees and the elbows

Healthy Way For Pancreas Support

yhAt first, it is the bad news. Unfortunately, there is no efficient and safe way to improve pancreatic function by medication in case of chronic pancreatitis. Regrettably, it is hard to verify chronic pancreatitis in the early stage by conventional tests. Chronic pancreatitis is often diagnosed when there is only 10% pancreatic function is left, and the treatment approaches are very narrow.

Sorry to say, there is no much attention now to the pancreas by comparison with hollow digestive chambers such as stomach and colon. It is just impossible having the healthy life without normal pancreatic function. Pancreatic gland is an essential organ with a variety of tasks in the human being. More, the pancreas is only one organ in the human body that may injury itself.

Even one bout of upper left quadrant abdominal pain, with nausea, vomiting, gas, belching, fever, diarrhea, constipation, generally after drinking alcohol with heavy, fatty meals, could be the first alarming signal of the initiation of chronic pancreatitis.

Some persons with acute pancreatitis are admitted to ER. Lucky enough to pass by this life-threatening condition, they discharged from a hospital

Triphala Herb Has Anti Cancer Properties

Ayurveda the traditional medicine system of India uses numerous naturally occurring botanicals to treat many diseases. The most common formula used in Ayurvedic Medicine is Triphala. This herbal formulation of Triphala comprises of equal proportions of three fruits: Amalaki, Haritaki and Bibhitaki. Triphala is a rasayana; Sanskrit term given to those medicaments that improve general health and prolong life.

Scientific studies indicate that Triphala has anti-cancer properties. Listed below is the compelling scientific evidence supporting the anti-cancer properties Triphala. For example, studies have shown that Triphala elevates levels of free radical scavenging activity with a parallel decrease of oxidative stress when tested in rat brain.

In 1997 Nandi et al published a study in the British Journal of Cancer showing that dietary supplementation of Amalaki in mice significantly reduced the cytotoxic effects of a known carcinogen. Subsequent in-vivo studies showed that treating mice with different doses of Triphala for five days before irradiation delayed the onset of mortality and reduced the symptoms of radiation sickness when compared with the non-drug treated irradiated controls. These findings demonstrate that this ancient Ayurvedic formulation significantly protects mice against radiation-induced lethality.

In Feb 2005, a research study revealed that gallic acid which is a major polyphenol constituent in