I Can’t Believe It Actually Works!

When a friend suggested I look into body sculpting in Singapore, I was a bit offended. What was wrong with me that she thought I needed to have my body sculpted? And what was body sculpting? It sounded sinister to me, like something that involved cutting away parts of your body with a scalpel. It sounded painful. She pointed out that it looked like I had some love handles to get rid of, and considering we were both wearing biking shorts at the time, I could hardly disagree. I had definitely put on more weight over the winter months.

Still, I didn’t understand what body sculpting was or how it worked. She explained that she had undergone a procedure at a clinic where they can get rid of unwanted body fat by using a freezing method that didn’t involve plastic surgery or sucking fat out of your body with a suction hose like you would see during a tummy reduction. Intrigued, I investigated further with her help and saw that this method not only works, it’s totally safe. They can’t hurt you with the process. Since my friend vouched for the method, I decided to make an appointment and try it for myself.

I have to say I was nervous when I went in. I still wasn’t convinced they could get rid of body fat without cutting through your skin and removing the fat with a suction tube. Not only is that painful, it puts a strain on your body to suddenly lose that much weight. The body sculpting method was marvelous. I felt zero pain and the whole thing didn’t seem to take that long. I also have to say that it works. I didn’t trust my eyes so I used my scale and I definitely lost the weight with this procedure. It’s definitely worth it.