The Chiropractor is Part of My Health Team Now

I have heard people talking about pinched nerves in the past, but I never paid much attention to their conversations because it was just something I could not relate to. When I started experiencing pain in my right arm and shoulder, I had no idea that the cause of it was a pinched nerve. I had gone to a chiropractor in Corte Madera rather than my own primary care physician because they were able to see me the same day I called, which meant I did not have to wait the nine days that it would take to see my doctor.

I felt comfortable seeing a chiropractor, even though I had never been to one before in my entire life. The pain was something from my neck or shoulder, and the pain going down my arm was just referred pain, or at least that is what I felt it was. The chiropractor had some imaging tests done first, just to find out what the problems were. I also had a physical examination, which included testing my range of motion. With all of this, it was accurately diagnosed that I had a pinched nerve.

I felt bad for ignoring what others in the past had went through, but it is just not possible to understand the pain unless you are going through it yourself. Thankfully, the chiropractor was able to help me through a series of adjustments, and I was able to move my arm without any limitations again in no time. I have since discovered that going to the chiropractor for a lot of ailments is actually better than going to the doctor, and that is why I have them both as part of my medical team. The good thing is that they are both okay with this, as they recognize the importance of a balanced team when it comes to health.