Working out with an Alternate Light Source

I’ve always been a fan of weightlifting. From a very young age, my father got me into the sport. He took really great care of himself, and with the help of exercise and supplements, he was able to get his body into competition mode. One of the things he told me all the time was that he believed you should always use the right tool for the right job. I can remember the day he gave me my very first Blazeray tactical flashlight. He said that I should never let this flashlight out of my sight, because it would end up serving so many purposes.

One day, the lights in the gym went out. It was pitch black. My father could have just given up and gone home, but he hadn’t finished his workout routine for the day. He asked if I had my flashlight. Of course I did. He told me never to leave home without it, so I carried it with me everywhere. He told me that this would be the perfect opportunity to put it to good use. I turned the flashlight on, and it illuminated entire room. He was able to continue with his workout, which lasted for another hour.

I was really proud of myself. I had taken his advice, and it had worked out well. That evening, I felt like I really contributed to my father’s well-being by allowing him to continue his workout. I didn’t realize the light was so bright, but it really did provide light for the entire room. It made sure that we were all safe, and it allowed my dad to see what he was doing. Without it, I think we probably would’ve had to go home. My dad’s workout routine would not have been completed, and it would have made us both upset. I’m glad it all worked out.